Thursday, July 7, 2011

What are we up to?

Wondering what's going on with the NPT project?
The easiest way to find out it to take a look at our Roadmap! It gives our followers an overview of the main milestones and where we are at the moment.
Right now, advanced technical documentation is in preparation, following up the release of the NPT Scoping and Requirements document, to ensure the development phase rolls and that minimal space is left for questioning and doubts for the developers. This demands in-depth analysis (reality checks) of the available tools, standards, data, modules, components, other technical and human contraints, etc... and will shape the overall design of the NPT.
The next outcome is an NPT SRS (Software Requirements Specification) document, detailing interface requirements and system features, which will be followed by a Software Design Document.
At the same time, discussion are ongoing to reconcile a team of developers that will get their hands in the grease and make it happen.
If you have any questions or comments, you can contact the NPT coordinator directly, or use this Blog, or the Google Code website to inject your feedback (which is most welcome!).