Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NPT: the next steps

The NPT is still in the main design/architecture phase. The first version of the NPT scoping and requirements document will be released soon, and posted on the NPT Google Code site
Tomorrow, the NPT coordinator will meet with the ViBRANT crew in London together with two GBIFS representatives to examine common solutions to the respective developments involved in the NPT and the ViBRANT project. The idea is to optimize the work and make sure systems will be able to "talk to each other". 
The next steps include:

Preparation of an Architecture document (aimed at developers)
Finalization of wireframe and Mindmap
Informal pre-anouncement for DEVs 
Call for expressions of interest by NPT DEVs prepared, circulated and issued 
Evaluation and selection of NPT development partners
NPT coding camp I
Stay tuned!

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