Thursday, June 9, 2011


Burke and Bruno recently met with the ViBRANT team (Vincent Smith and Simon Rycroft) at the NHM, in London. With GBIF’s involvement in ViBRANT project and NPT as a part of Work Package 8, the purpose of this trip was to discuss with ViBRANT team about the possible synergies between the ViBRANT developments (in the continuity of the Scratchpads project) and some of the components of the NPT. The idea was to explore the potential of certain Drupal components to serve as a basis for the NPT. It was found that most of the backend requirements identified by the Advisory Group were already available from the core Drupal components. It was also found that some Drupal modules seem to be fit for our use for the NPT. This approach might be fit for the development of the NPT, especially given the technical competences of some core developers, and the proof of concept of using a combined framework (Drupal + OpenGeo), as adopted for the new iOBIS (Ocean Biogeographic Information System) webportal.
The ViBRANT team has agreed to take part in the developments of the NPT.

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